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Poonam Sharma Baloni heads Lex Outsourcing.

Poonam Sharma Baloni is a legal researcher and a global market analyst specialising on crew and bunker claims within shipping advising crew members for recovery of unpaid crew claims or wages, unpaid master's wages, bunker suppliers on unpaid dues and commercial litigation. She works alongside with Dr. Shrikant Hathi and Ms. Binita Hathi. She advises on entire gamut of law for shipping industry. She also specialises in corporate, projects and infrastructure; marine insurance and P&I; arbitration and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards; enforcement of foreign court judgments or decree in India, oil, gas, energy, mining and power; commercial arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards.

She is a very good contract analyst, analysing commercial transactions mainly projects (oil, gas, mining, power, infrastructure, construction) and shipping related work to avoid disputes in a proposed contract or analysing contractual documents in a proposed or on an on-going dispute, analysing the proposed terms or the existing terms of business contract, the task, performance and payment terms to the proposed or existing contract, assisting client in checking the capabilities and credibility's of a deal, assist in the process of negotiation of deals in a proposed contract, detecting and analysing any problem to the proposed contract or to the existing contract, this assist in better strategy be it transactional work or in a dispute resolution.

Successfully completed 'International Law', a course of study offered by Universite catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium under the guidance of Prof. Pierre d Argent a full time Professor at the University of Louvain in Belgium, where he holds the Public International Law Chair. This course covered the entire gamut of International Law, States, International Organisations, United Nations, International Law making, Customary International Law, International Treaties, Unilateral Acts, Soft-Law, Binding force of International Law, Interpreting International Law, Conflicting obligations, Application of International Law, Responsibility and concepts of Internationally wrongful Act, Attribution, Responsibilities, Counter measures, Pacific Settlement Disputes, Arbitration, International Court of Justice Jurisdiction and Procedure, International Criminal Court, International Immunities et al.

'Guides you to the right path with good research work' 
                    - Lloyds List
'Strong researchical and analytical mind
                    - Worldlawyers.NET

'With her analytical mind she can put the opponent under attack in such a way that the opponent has no legal move. 'Checkmating the opponent'  is a simple task for her'
                    -Projects Monitor
'Poonam Sharma Baloni is quick in P&I settlements
                    - Worldlawyers.NET

'Poonam Sharma Baloni, assisting to the right path and a definitive guide to entertainment industry'

Poonam Sharma Baloni is a practical person with analytical mind for infrastructure and construction legal work'
                    - Projects Monitor

'Poonam Sharma Baloni has solid understanding on arbitration, enforcement  of foreign arbitral award and judgment decree'
                    - Honeywell



Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services includes processing legal work from client outside India on Legal research, Contract drafting & review, Due-diligence, Litigation support services, Legal claim processing, Legal coding, Deposition summary, P&I claim processing (Maritime), Business formation, Business & corporate law, Intellectual property, Other services, Paralegal & secretarial, Legal data entry, Legal transcription, Legal billing, OCR & scanning, Other services


The legal service is headed by associates of the top tier law firm Brus Chambers and each matter is controlled and managed directly by the law firm under supervision of a solicitor and/or advocate. The legal service includes transactional and dispute resolution work. Transactional work includes corporate, commercial, projects on infrastructure, oil, gas, energy, real estate, mining, telecommunication, banking, finance, capital market, aviation, transport, insurance, intellectual property rights.


Our team represent client on International arbitration, ad-hoc or institutional with seat in India, USA or overseas under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), UNCITRAL, London Court of International Arbitration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, American Arbitration Association (AAA), and ad hoc cases.


We review and draft legal documents, contracts, agreements etc, covering all aspects of non-litigation areas, including drafting research memoranda, law surveys and comparisons of the laws of various jurisdictions. We draft research memoranda on specific legal issues. We provide case and statutory law research to support a client's position in a litigation matter. Customise your requirement for contracts and document drafting.

Core Team Members


Poonam Sharma Baloni (Ms)

Chief Global Communicator & Analyst

She is a contract specialist and is the chief global communicator knows the power of words to comfort, connect and inspire. All initial contact and communication are mainly done by her and are routed to her


Shrikant Pareshnath Hathi (Dr)

Global Head & Analyst

He is the brainchild of Lex Outsourcing, a solicitor from India and UK and an advocate also a leading individual in legal profession as ranked by independent credential bodies is the global head and analyst


Afia SenGupta (Ms)

USA Head & Analyst

Completed her law from India and masters from USA, heads Lex Outsourcing US affairs from New York. She also has fantastic legal knowledge and is praised for her multi-jurisdictional reach.


Binita Hathi (Ms)

Team Member & Analyst


Uttam Hathi (Mr)

Team Member & Analyst


Hui Rong Ma (Ms)

Team Member & Analyst


Subrat Kulreshta (Mr)

Team Member & Analyst


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