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1. Draft commercial contract incorporating the arbitration clause as maybe agreed between parties
2. Identify the dispute in the contract
3. Strategising and planning arbitration
4. Invoke arbitration under the contract
5. Correspond with arbitration tribunal /forum
6. Correspond with opponent or with their attorney
7. If there is no arbitration clause in the contract, we will correspond with the opponent requesting for arbitration
8. Represent before arbitrator
9. Drafting and complete arbitral pleadings as per applicable law, rules and timetable
10. Arguments and Cross examination
11. Written Submission
12. Closure of Arbitration
13. If we are not representing the Claimant then we are free to represent the opponent

International arbitration is a creation of contract, i.e., the parties' decision to submit disputes to binding resolution by one or more arbitrators selected by or on behalf of the parties and applying adjudicatory procedures, usually by including a provision for the arbitration of future disputes in their contract. The practice of international arbitration has developed so as to allow parties from different legal and cultural backgrounds to resolve their disputes, generally without the formalities of their respective legal systems.

Our team represent client on International arbitration, ad-hoc or institutional with seat in India, USA or overseas under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), UNCITRAL, London Court of International Arbitration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, American Arbitration Association (AAA), and ad hoc cases.

We acted in several institutional international arbitrations under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), UNCITRAL, London Court of International Arbitration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, American Arbitration Association (AAA), and ad hoc cases. Our team specialisation in arbitration has led to close relationships with arbitration specialists in other countries when the law or procedure of some other jurisdiction becomes pertinent. For all these reasons, our team has been frequently engaged to handle all aspects of complex international disputes or to serve as lead or co-counsel in international arbitration proceedings, where seat of arbitration is in India or outside India. Our attorneys are well versed in the many different ADR areas. Thus, the firm can respond quickly and effectively to client needs in complex and foreign business disputes. Very often, just knowing the array of choices may shorten the time and energy required to bring the matter to an early resolution.

We have affiliations and ongoing working relationships with law firms around the globe.

Our team are widely recognised as globally pre-eminent in the field of arbitration, is a pioneer in international and domestic arbitration. Our team leaders are experienced arbitration specialists in a wide range of industry sectors. Our team also work with international contractors and owners of projects, including sovereign states and state-owned entities, in dispute adjudication boards and similar procedures and in international construction arbitrations around the world. 

Our team have extensive experience in commercial disputes dealing with all sectors involving almost all industries, have a core team of international and domestic arbitration experts who are leaders in their field. They work with ease across a wide range of industry sectors and jurisdictions.

Arbitration has emerged as the preferred mechanism for many companies seeking to settle commercial disputes, particularly those with cross-border element. Our international arbitration group conducts arbitrations under the rules of all major institutions, as well as ad hoc arbitrations, in venues around the world.

Our team conduct every type of international and domestic arbitration but most frequently the Domestic arbitration under Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996; ICC - International Chamber of Commerce, ICC International Court of Arbitration; LCIA - London Court of International Arbitration; SIAC - Singapore International Arbitration Centre; LMAA - London Maritime Arbitrators Association; HKIAC - Hongkong International Centre; SCC - Stockholm Chamber of Commerce; UNCITRAL - United Nations Commission on International Trade; BIMCO - The Baltic and International Maritime Council; CIETAC - China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Committee; GCC Arbitrations in the Gulf; JCAA - Japan Commercial Arbitration Association; ICDR - International Centre for Dispute Resolution; LSSA - Lloyds Standard Salvage and Arbitration; ICSID - International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes; Dubai Chamber of Commerce. We also handle a volume of high-value arbitrations under RSA, LSA, GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA, London Metal Exchange, Lloyd's Open Form, ARIAS and other forums.



Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services includes processing legal work from client outside India on Legal research, Contract drafting & review, Due-diligence, Litigation support services, Legal claim processing, Legal coding, Deposition summary, P&I claim processing (Maritime), Business formation, Business & corporate law, Intellectual property, Other services, Paralegal & secretarial, Legal data entry, Legal transcription, Legal billing, OCR & scanning, Other services


The legal service is headed by associates of the top tier law firm Brus Chambers and each matter is controlled and managed directly by the law firm under supervision of a solicitor and/or advocate. The legal service includes transactional and dispute resolution work. Transactional work includes corporate, commercial, projects on infrastructure, oil, gas, energy, real estate, mining, telecommunication, banking, finance, capital market, aviation, transport, insurance, intellectual property rights.


Our team represent client on International arbitration, ad-hoc or institutional with seat in India, USA or overseas under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), UNCITRAL, London Court of International Arbitration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, American Arbitration Association (AAA), and ad hoc cases.


We review and draft legal documents, contracts, agreements etc, covering all aspects of non-litigation areas, including drafting research memoranda, law surveys and comparisons of the laws of various jurisdictions. We draft research memoranda on specific legal issues. We provide case and statutory law research to support a client's position in a litigation matter. Customise your requirement for contracts and document drafting.

Core Team Members


Pritish Das (Mr)

Chief Global Communicator & Analyst

He is a specialist in International Commercial Laws and Contracts and is the chief global communicator. He has completed his Law. All initial contact and communication for legal and non-legal work are mainly done by him and are routed to him


Afia SenGupta (Ms)

USA Head & Analyst

Completed her law from India and Masters in Law from USA, heads Lex Outsourcing US affairs from New York. She also has fantastic legal knowledge and is praised for her multi-jurisdictional reach.


Poonam Das (Ms)

Global Communicator & Analyst

She is a contract specialist and is the global communicator knows the power of words to comfort, connect and inspire. All law subject related contact and communication are done by her and are routed to her


Shrikant Pareshnath Hathi (Dr)

Global Head & Analyst

He is the brainchild of Lex Outsourcing, a solicitor from India and UK and an advocate also a leading individual in legal profession as ranked by independent credential bodies is the global head and analyst


Binita Hathi (Ms)

Team Member & Analyst


Uttam Hathi (Mr)

Team Member & Analyst


Jagruti Dekavadiya (Ms)

Global Communicator & Analyst


Natasha Sailopal (Ms)

Team Member & Analyst


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